Triple Trout Swimbaits are the new best lures

The Trout: One of the most sought after game fish in America today now can be caught quickly

Trout are some of the best eating fish in the world. They are also one of most exciting game fish as well. So, the angler that can bag one has shown he is a master of the Rod 'N Reel. But to entice the wily trout out and to strike your lure requires one that they can't resist. That's where the "Triple Trout Swimbait" comes into its own.

Today you'll learn why you should add this lure to your trout arsenal and how it can make you battle with a trout exciting and one that makes the sport of game fishing what it is today.

Things to know before you buy Triple Trout Swimbaits

The first thing you need to know is what type of the Species you're attempting to emulate, and the species of trout were going after. Another thing you should be thinking about is the type of line you're going to be using some people get excellent results with the following test lines and feel that it's more sporting to use while others prefer a sure thing and go with the heavier test line.

Unfortunately, the heavier the line meets, the more Drag on the water and conversely your arm will tire much sooner than if you use a smaller Swimbait with a lighter line.

Another thing you should look at is the type of rod and reel that you're using as certain models give better performance when used with the Triple Trout Swimbait hanging off the end of the line,Read This Dedicated Article on Reels.

Okuma, for example, has two rods designed specifically to handle the Triple Trout series of lures, and they do so with style and panache.Checkout our article on Fishing Rods.

What is The Triple Trout Swimbait?

When you look at it, you see what appears to be a small fish divided into three segments connected by a rod that allows the lure to flex and move as if it were a real fish. It is reasonably lightweight and as a sink rate of less than a foot per second. This makes it a slow lure, and this lets you tease and entice your prey to strike at the lure.Here's an article about Fly Fishing.

Due to this, you may find yourself having to replace the tail of your Swimbait from time to time, as it will be chewed up by almost strikes. This is a testament to the Swim bait's effectiveness. You, in fact, might find your best one is the one that is chewed up.

Whether this is faith or just a comfort factor is unknown. I manage well with one that you'd think was ready for the trash bin. But it reliably pulls in 3 to 7-pound trout when those using the new fancy BZs are coming away with empty hooks. It depends on, one supposes in one's belief in their lure, and I believe in mine implicitly.


I've had great luck with this one  and it is the smallest of all the Triple Trout line is seems to me that if gets far better results than those from makers like Bass Assasin, Little Creeper, and Savage Gear. But this is an opinion only, backed up with 30 years of fishing to back this reviewer up.

The fact is, you can get some amazing results with the 5.5" Swimbait, I tried it on trout and was amazed at the results. This Swimbait is 5.5" long and is bulkier that the normally more streamlined trout version that is 6.5" and up, with bigger eyes and a wider body.

I found that this bass lure worked for me in open streams and quiet pools equally well.​ So, chalk that one up to trying something different and seeing the results.

However, you should stick with the Triple Trout of your choice. If you come across one though at your favorite bait & Tackle shop, and you have the cash to spare it makes a great addition to your tackle box. Though die-hard bass and trout fishermen might look at you cross-eyed when they find out the use, you intend.

Try it and see if it works for you, if it does? Great! Otherwise, you may end up getting more bass instead and in my book, either fish is worth the cost and effort. But let your conscious be your guide. But don't knock it until you try it.

For more excitement use a lighter line than normal and tease the fish into the side of the boat to the net and gaff. It takes more finesse to accomplish and is more of a challenge.​

Three segments that make this Swimbait come alive

Yes, I know it’s obvious. But it's all on the wrist if you really want the wily trout to think your lure is a real wounded fish swimming for its life.

There are those that can tease a trout to net without hooking, as the fish seems mesmerized by the action of this lure. This if you aren't especially hungry is good practice is that if you can make the trout believe your Swimbait is alive, you'll catch your limit and bring in those trophy winners as well.

You have to have a light touch and anticipate the fish to lead him rather that just getting him to strike. This goes against conventional wisdom. But the idea is work on your control of the lure. The best analogy is watching an Aikido Adept leading his opponent’s energy so that he throws himself. This also why so many Triple Trout tails get chewed off, you have to feel that feather weighted the touch. Once you get that down hooking or enticing strike is child's play.

Fishing for trout is the part having the patience of a saint, the cunning of a fox, and steady hand of a surgeon.That's why you need to master your lure.​

Your line is just as important as your Swimbait

Fluorocarbon line is ideal for slow sinking and getting to the bottom and staying down. For those long casts, you need a quality reel as well, that can handle the distance. Combined you have an unbeatable team.

You can even use braided lines for the larger Swimbaits, and this means you fish size can go up. However, you lose the lunge protection that lets monofilament lines bring a fish near a net. But they do have the strength to hold up to the largest fish you'll likely encounter.

Monofilament works well with the full range of Swimbaits. You do need to have gotten your finessing skills down pat, like a trout who around know you are breaking strain better than you do and will act accordingly.

So select the line carefully to match the weight range you’re shooting for and select a Swimbait to match as well.

Though this is no protection should the Loch Ness Monster Trout decides your 6.5" Swimbait is the perfect snack. Then it will be your wrist more that your arms that will bring him in close enough to net and prevent losing your $21 lure. This will make your spouse happy, as you would have to find another $21 bucks to replace a lost lure.

Finally, the sound that the lure makes and the responsiveness of the rod to the Angler's hand that does the trick.Read an article about Ovris Fly Rods.

Some prefer the strength and flexibility of composite rods. However, I like the spring of my old resin rod, and I feel it has more responsiveness to go with the wrist to make the Swimbait come alive. Add to all that your skill at retrieving you have the best of all worlds.

Finally, there is a secret that many overlooks, as they are not in the water with the trout. The Triple Trout Swimbait makes a series of sounds that attract fish! This isn’t mentioned too often but if you drop a hydrophone into the water and listen while someone is casting and retrieving you'll hear it for yourself.

What the owners Say

  • Ugly as sin but it brings in the fish like the Pied Piper
  • I used the 6.5 inch Blue Trout and started pulling them in like there was no tomorrow
  • Just like stealing candy from a baby is how easy the Triple Trout is to trout fishing
  • Once it's in the water, you'd think it was alive. No wonder a trout goes crazy over this Swimbait
  • Worth every cent in the performance it delivers

My Final Thoughts

Triple Trout Swimbaits that are hard to beat. They win consistently bringing in the money fish at a time when people say many areas are fished out.

They do this because fish see them as live prey, and game fish are not carrion eaters and prefer their food to be alive and o the hoof so to speak.

They also attract attention because they make a sound that arouses the trout to action, which is an added feature most are not aware of. Many a fisher know fish hunt by scent.

But they forget the lateral sensing lines that run the length of the fish's body. This turns a fish into a small submarine that detects their prey using passive sonar just like our Navy does. This gives you the edge when it comes to bringing home the bacon and the cash for best fish as well.

But in the end, your experience and your gut feeling will guide you to the right choice when it comes to stocking your tackle box.


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