The Best Fly Rod: Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Review

Orvis Clear Water Fly Rod is the ideal fishing rod for all needs. It can be used in the roughest waters from Alaska to Maine. At a reasonable price, the Orvis Clear Water Fly Rod puts every other fishing pole out of business. It comes with a warranty and an array of features.It comes in many different weights and sizes which are ideal for almost any fishing situation.

The best situation it can be used for is the clear water Fishing, but it can be utilized for salt waters too. The rod contains an aluminum reel which gives it a lightweight feel while at the same time providing strength and durability. It has a four-piece design which makes it a convenient way to move on the go.

The Orvis Clearwater fishing rod is also very pleasing to the eye because it is a breathtaking piece of equipment. The rod is equipped to make casting easy and fun. The customization design packages actually benefit the customers because each person could develop their perfect rod.

Orvis also has a myriad of products that aren't necessary but can be useful additions to your fishing arsenal. Make sure you check the online store for more options and details for specials and discounted rates.

ProductDescriptionFeaturesOur Rating
Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit 905-4 - 5wt 9ft 0in 4pc Worth every penny
quick to adjust
Redington Crosswater 590-4 Fly Rod Outfit (9'0", 5wt, 4pc)Durable anodized aluminum reel seat, ideal for all fresh and saltwater applications4.4
Temple Fork Outfitters NXT Rod & LA Reel Kit - 5/6 Wt., 9', 4 pcCast Aluminum Fly Reel with Disc Drag, Backing, Weight Forward Fly Line, & Tapered Leader
Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat
Master Sportsman Adult 26 Pocket Fishing Vest (Khaki, Large)Smooth, medium-fast action Sage Approach Fly Rod4.9

Best parts of The Orvis Clear Water Fly Rod

One of the best parts of this rod is the action. It isn't too fast or too slow. Great fishing rods must have real action to be effective. A good fishing rode can make a beginner look like a pro. I have several expensive rods, and this is the best rod.Read This Dedicated Article on Fly Fishing Rods


I have not been fishing for years, but this rod has definitely made it easier. That is why Orvis is such a great company. Orvis provides the most cost effective equipment in the industry. Fishing is truly an art. It is a skill that is passed down from generation to generation.

Fishing is one of the best American pastimes because it is meditative and causes us to reflect on ourselves and our lives. Fishing is something that the entire family can enjoy because it is fun. It allows for bonding time with old college buddies, family friends, parents and their children and anyone you can share a personal connection with.

Opt for the Better Option

Having a cheaper rod can ruin the experience of a good fishing trip. What if the rod breaks, or it is not strong enough? It could either be too heavy or too flimsy. That is why you need a rod with the most high-quality materials. The materials that are used in making the Orvis fly rods ca not be beaten by any other competitor.

It is plain and definite the this is the best fly rod on the market. Fly rods can change the fishing landscape as a whole. I used it on my most recent fishing trip when I caused the real. It had a very smooth feel to it. The sleek aluminum design was so light in my hand but at the same time, I could tell it was extremely strong.Checkout article on Fly Rod

I was able to catch some very decent fish that day because of an Orvis Clear Water Fly Rod. Do not get me wrong; this rod will not make you a fishing champion. However, it will give you the necessary tools to succeed. With anything in life, you can have all the skill but with the requisite tools, you won't be successful unless you have the right tools for the job.

You would not pull out nails with a paper clip; You would use a hammer. You should not fish with a cheap rod; You should fish with an Orvis.

Best Quality​

Quality over quantity. It is more important that you invest in a fishing rod for the long term if you like fishing. Orvis Clear Water Fishing Rod is not the cheapest option in the market, but it is the cheapest in the long term. If you buy other cheap rods, in the short term you might pay less for it but in the long term, it will cost you a lot more because you have to pay for more rods.Checkout our article on Crankbait Rods

unboxing video uploaded by:The Kayak FisherBoys

If a cheap rod keeps breaking, you will have to keep buying new ones. But this rod won't breaks easy, so you save money in the long term. Orvis charges a very fair price. A lot of fishing rod companies charge extremely high prices for their rods.Here is a dedicated article for Best Fly Rods

They do this because if their rod is made with quality, they can over charge. While making a profit is the goal for any successful company, overcharging and ripping off unknowing customers is very immoral. Orvis would never do that.​

Its a great option ​and Highly Recommended


I recommend this as a great present to any friend or family member who loves to go fishing. Grab two polls for a father and a son. A lot of people think that there is a difference between men rods and women rods. With the customization packages of all these rods, it is easy for one to customize and design a rod of their choice.

This benefits women because they can pick a size and weight that is comfortable for them. The customization really is the best part about this product. It comes in all shapes and sizes and does not follow the notion that one size fits all. In conclusion, I do recommend getting this rod.

The high-quality material and its durability are truly special. Along with the fact that it is a work of art makes the purchase decision easier. If you want a cheap rod that breaks, I recommend that you go somewhere else. However, if you want a rod that is lightweight, durable and has a sleek design.Then I recommend the Orvis Clear Water Fly Rod.​

Orvis Clearwater fly rod Options

  • Material: Aluminum (reel seat), chrome (snake guides), cork and rubber (saltwater models)
  • Length: (#4) 8 ft 6 in, 9 ft, (#5) 8 ft 6 in, 9 ft, (#6) 9 ft, 9 ft 6 in, (#7) 9 ft, (#8) 9 ft, (#9) 9 ft, (#10) 9 ft, (#12) 9 ft
  • Rod weight: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12
  • Handle: Reverse half wells/full wells with fighting butt
  • Reel seats: Up-locking
  • Claimed weight: [8ft 6in] (#4) 3.125 oz, (#5) 3 oz, [9ft] (#4, #5) 3.25 oz, (#6, #7, #9) 3.625 oz, (#8, #10) 3.75 oz, (#12) 4.375 oz, [9ft 6in] (#6) 3.75 oz

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