Best Inflatable Life Jackets: The Top 5 Life Savers

An inflatable life jacket is a floatation attire designed to assist the wearer in staying afloat in water; whether they are conscious or unconscious. The quality, size and material used to manufacture a life jacket depend on the wearing convenience and level of protection needed. Cork is the primary material used in the production of the best inflatable life jackets on the market.

How to choose the Best Inflatable Life Jackets

The first issue to consider when selecting a life jacket is the Coastguard Approval PFD marks. As the primary custodian of marine safety the Coastguard reviews and approves which life jackets are fit for using.

The second major factor is the kind of use and function that you expect. There are life jackets that are more suited for rafting, others for kayaking, some for canoeing and several more for fishing or paddling.


Type I life jackets protect you from drowning even in rough seas and choppy waters. Type II tends to be inexpensive and works well is calmer water. It often turns unconscious bodies face up. Types III life jackets protect you from hypothermia besides keeping you afloat.

Type IV tends to be floaters more than they are jackets. They don’t work well with unconscious persons or children. Type V are a mission-specific kind of life jackets. They tend to come in variety, with strict labeling and manufacturer's instructions.

Attributes that differentiate Life Jackets

One of the fundamental differences between different life jackets is the amount of buoyancy it produces. Most life jackets provide a range of between 7 and 12 pounds which is enough to keep an adult floating. The second differentiation is the utility.

Some life jackets are meant for a long time of floating while some can only last for a few minutes. Thirdly, life jackets are made from different synthetic materials. It’s critical to ascertain the qualities of the material used to manufacture the life jacket that you are buying.​​Check out an Interesting Article on Fishing Vests

​Best Use for Inflatable Life Jackets

When working with a life jacket, it is critical to go beyond brand and looks, and consider the particular use. Always make sure that your life jacket has robust and functioning buckles, straps and zippers.

It’s also essential to get the right fit. An adult size jacket on a kid will not work just as an ill-fitting life jacket will snap and drown an adult. While you can just slip into most kinds of life jackets, Type V life jackets come with specific wearing instructions.Checkout article on Fishing Waders

Questions that Generally Arise about Inflatable life jackets

One of the biggest controversies concerning life jackets revolves around manufacturing. Most jackets are built to be buoyant at the front. Even then there are those that are manufactured for buoyancy on the sides and the rear. This is risky particularly for unconscious persons as it will make them float face down and drown.

There also exists the controversial issue of whether to make life jackets compulsory. While most coastal regions have rules in effect regarding life jackets for children, there is no clear rule regarding where and when adults should wear them.​

With This In Mind, Here's Our Recommendation Of The Best Inflatable Life Jackets

ProductDescriptionFeaturesOur Rating
O'Neill Wetsuits Wake Waterski Mens Superlite USCG Life Vest, Pacific/Smoke/Black/White, LargeCoated Polyester Shell
Soft and Comfortable
Quick release buckles
O'Brien Women's Impulse Neo Life Vest, Purple, Medium1.5mm Neoprene outer for comfortable fit
Zip closure and 2 belts for security
Astral Buoyancy Sea Wolf PFDFull featured sea kayak PFD,Torso length adjustment4.9
Stearns Adult Watersport Classic Series VestGreat for a day of watersports
Universal size for most adults over 90 lbs.
NRS Zen Rescue Life Jacket Red L/XL so low profile and comfortable,Front floating panel4.6

#1 O’Neill Wake Waterski Men's Superlite USCG Jacket

O'Neill Wake Waterski Men's Superlite USCG Vest

This US Coast Guard-approved life jacket has a PVC marine foam with a front buoyancy. It's coated with polyester and quick release buckle.

Editor's Rating


  • It’s comfortable and stylish
  • It has clasps rather than a zipper for quick adjustments
  • It’s a nylon rather than neoprene, hence allow for more air circulation.


  • The sizing is a bit off
  • The straps don’t adjust like other jackets
  • It works best for Type III and below jacket specifications.

#2 O'Brien Women's Impulse Neo Life Vest


This purple colored life jacket is made of neoprene outer fit, zip closure and two belts for security. It has a zippered front closure, a multiple hinge point (back & front) and most importantly it’s US Coast Guard Approved.

Editor's Rating


  • It’s comfortable with no need to tug at the bottom
  • It does not inhibit movement of the body.
  • It's sporty and stylish
  • It' lightweight with fairly fitting straps


  • You mostly have to order a size up
  • Some have rubber under the arm which can be uncomfortable
  • It's shorter than most men/women would prefer

#3 Astral Designs Sea Wolf Life Jacket


This life jacket has foam tectonics that makes movement very agile. It has an adjustable torso length and buckled side exits. It has both zippered side pockets and cargo pockets.

Editor's Rating


  • Its fits perfectly and doesn't ride up.
  • Its allows full range of motion
  • It’s extremely adjustable
  • It allows for easy paddling


  • The pockets do stick out
  • It’s pretty expensive

#4 Stearns Watersport Classic Life Jacket


This US Coast Guard-approved jacket has a universal size for everyone above 90lbs. It has about four adjustable straps and side openings. This nylon life jacket is perfect for water sports.

Editor's Rating


  • It has plenty of movement and freedom
  • It’s very visible in water
  • It’s easy to fasten
  • It’s one of the multi-purpose life jackets


  • It tends to ride up
  • It’s a little too thick and too short
  • It's tight around the neck section

#5 NRS Zen Rescue Life Jacket


This life jacket has 17.5 pounds of PVC-free flotation with quick release buckles and attachment ring for attaching/detaching from boat/choppers. It also has reinforced shoulder to enhance rescue.

Editor's Rating


  • It's fits well even for tall persons
  • It's well-priced and good quality
  • It’s easy to spot in water


  • It has limited flotation and storage space
  • Its release ball is 30% smaller
  • Shoulder straps are un adjustable.

Final Thoughts

Different life jackets have different qualities that make them suitable for specific purposes. The main features range from number and types of straps, storage space, ability to spot in water and position of the buoyancy. There is also the presence or absence of side release and the size of the part for arms and the neck.

In this case, the Stearns Watersport Classic Life Jacket is the best inflatable life jacket around. This 1.2-pound nylon jacket is versatile and visible, with webbed straps and plenty of freedom for the arms and the neck. It also has a built-in aesthetic appeal besides its durability and retails at only $29. 00.

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