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If you have par-taken the sport of fly fishing, then you need to purchase the best fly fishing vests – some individuals rarely see the use of a fishing vest, but we believe otherwise. This item offers great benefits to its user. For one, it allows you to carry just about everything you need in an organized and convenient manner.

Before choosing one, it is vital to factor in your fishing style, fishing environment, the material it’s made of, and much more. Let us take a closer look at what makes a fishing vest a must-have item for fly fishing.

How to choose the Best fly fishing vests

Before we dive into it, let us first talk about what a fly fishing vest is. A fly fishing vest is an item that allows a fly fisher to hold just about all their fly fishing items such as tipper, weights, line cleaner, fly boxes, fly floatants, and many other important things in a convenient and safe location. This item is very useful, and a customer should choose their vest carefully.

If you have never bought one before, then you have come to the right place. Here, we shall take a look at a few key considerations that you should take into account if you want to end up with the best fly fishing vest suitable to your needs.Here's a dedicated article about Life Jackets


One of the key considerations is pockets. If you are new at this sport, figuring out how many numbers of pockets to go for can be downright confusing. Some vests are covered up with tons of pockets while others have fewer pockets. So, how many pockets are enough and how can you tell? Many pockets do not necessarily mean that’s the best vest. A fly fishing vest’s main goal is to help a user stay organized.

Picture a vest with tons of pockets, some large, some small. It can be very confusing to figure out which pocket your favorite fly is stored in. You will undoubtedly end up fumbling around trying to figure out where you put things. Moving about looking for your favorite tool will result in your disturbing water, which will send fish into hiding.Here's an article about Fishing Waders

When looking for a Best fly fishing vests, try source for one that:​

  • Has both large and small pockets – this depends on your needs. However, having both options can be useful
  • It has just enough pockets – not too many, not too few – just enough to hold your items
  • It has zippers in some pockets – not all pockets, though. This way, you can store some items safely and securely while others can be stored in open pockets, making them easier to grab at
  • Aside from pockets, look for a vest that has attachment points. These loops come in handy when fishing because they give you easy access to many fishing tools

Type of Fishing

Next, you have to consider where you're at. There are different hazards if you're fishing in a lake, on the shore or deep sea fishing. You also have to plan for still being able to tie a knot in your line, hooking live or dead bait, or even threading line in a small piece of tackle. This sometimes means you might need gloves with free fingers, especially for freshwater or inshore fishing.Checkout article on Tackle Boxes.

But if you're engaged in deep sea fishing on a boat or off a large pier or jetty where you know you might catch large inshore fish like sharks or large drum fish; you have to consider protecting every part of your hands, including your fingers.

If you're hunting big fish with huge leaders, you'll want gloves with heavy padding that helps you turn and lift big fish.Here's a dedicated article about Fishing Gloves.

If you're using a small leader and need to feel the action in the line as you wait for a bite, you'll want thinner gloves that have more sensitivity in them to react who how a hooked fish may fight you as you reel it in.​Read This Dedicated Article on Leader And Tippet.


Fly fishing vests come in a variety of materials. Before making a decision, take into account the location and climate of your favorite fishing spot. This way, you will be able to make a better decision as to which fabric will suit you better.

Some vest materials include:

  • Cotton/ polyester vests – These materials are perfect if you are fishing in cooler climates. The materials will keep you nice and warm, allowing you to stay outdoors and fish for longer
  • Stretch mesh – These vests are less constrictive and allow a user to move about freely​
  • Mesh lining - Vests with mesh lining allow for great airflow, making them a good decision especially if it’s hot outside


Now that you have determined what material and type suits you best, next is figuring out what length your fly fishing vest should be. Length is generally determined by the type of water you will be fishing in.

Types of fishing vests lengths are:

  • Standard fly fishing vest: These models are typically long and cover most of your upper body. These vests have enough pockets and are one of the most preferred amongst fly fishermen.
  • Large fly fishing vests: These products are larger and consist of more pockets than standard vests. They allow a user to carry more fishing tools, rain gear, and other camping tools. Before buying this type of product, you should always ensure that it fits you well.
  • Chest packs: A user can opt to purchase this type as opposed to a fly fishing vest. This item is best suited when you are fishing in salt water. Chest packs are not as long as standard vests and they do not have as many pockets. If you want a product that will not weigh you down in salt water, then opt for a chest pack.


You have found the perfect vest, has a perfect fit, and it suits all your fly fishing needs: The final thing to take into consideration is price. What is your budget? Are you willing to go over your set budget? When you start shopping around, you are bound to find items that are over budget, have more features that will appeal to you, but if possible, stay strong and look for a vest that fits your needs and is within your price range.

Above all, comfort and fit are everything. Wearing a fly vest that is uncomfortable will turn your experience into a very miserable one.

Best Fly Fishing Vests recommendations

Below is a list of our top 5 best fly fishing vests on the current market. Let us take a look:

ProductDescriptionFeaturesOur Rating
Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fishing Vest, Sage, XX-Large/3X-Large65% Polyester/35% Cotton
Mesh body fabric
Fast wicking
Master Sportsman Youth 26 Pocket Fishing Vest (Khaki, Large)Poly-cotton,
26-pocket,One large, rear pocket for any extra storage needs
Outdoor Fly Fishing Vest with 16 Pockets. Breathable active wear Jacket for Fishing, Photography, Sports, Hiking, Cycling and Hunting. Lightweight Mesh Fabric - great to hold all your Gear!HANDY SIZING CHART,COMFORTABLE FIT & EASE of MOVEMENT4.6
Master Sportsman Adult 26 Pocket Fishing Vest (Khaki, Large)26-pocket designed ,Larger rear pocket and zipper front closure4.1
Master Sportsman Alpine Fishing Vest (Olive, Small)Two zip-close reel pockets on the back,Front pliers pocket, rod holder, removable patch, and D-ring secure nets4.5

#1 Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fly Fishing Vest


This item comes in a variety of sizes to suit just about all body types. It is made from cotton and polyester, making it one of my favorite to use especially in cooler climates. It has a mesh body, which allows for great airflow. This item has 11 pockets for convenient storage.​

Editor's Rating


  • Mesh lining ensures that the vest is well vented.
  • The 11 pockets offer ample storage space.
  • It has a great fit


  • Zippers are a bit difficult to use

#2 Prestige Youth 26 Pocket Fishing Vest


This item is my kid’s favorite fishing vest. It has tons of pockets allowing him to store and carry just about anything he wishes.​

Editor's Rating


  • Its poly-cotton material keeps a user warm even in cold weathers
  • You can carry snacks, camera, etc. on its 26 pockets
  • This model has a large rear pockets
  • Very affordable and fits my little one perfectly


  • The material is a bit thinner than other high-quality.
  • Be very wary when choosing a size as its measurements are a bit off

#3 Outdoor Fly Fishing Vest – 16 pockets

Outdoor Fly Fishing Vest with 16 Pockets

This product is of a long size and comprises of 16 easy to use and easily accessible Velcro and zipper pockets.​

Editor's Rating


  • Tons of pockets for storageIt fit comfortably
  • It is very lightweight and comprises of a breathable mesh
  • Its material allows it to dry faster when wet
  • It’s size is accurateIt is available in a great color
  • Can double as a photographer’s vest as well – I have used it for such occasion


  • The Velcro tends to run out over time

#4 Prestige 26 Pocket Fishing Vest


This model is fairly priced and is made from both polyester and cotton materials.​

Editor's Rating


  • Comprises of 26, user-friendly pockets that allow me to carry just about any fly fishing tool I need for a full day adventure.
  • It comprises of removable fly patches and rounded zipper pockets that ensure my items do not fall off at any given time.
  • This product has a large rear pocket that offers extra storage space


  • When compared to other vests, it’s pocket’s are not as large
  • It can have a snug fit for individuals with a wider build

#5 Prestige Alpine Fishing Vest


This product comprises of 27 well-designed pockets that can be used to hold just about anything necessary for a fishing expenditure.

Editor's Rating


  • It has a standard length that most fly-fishers look for.
  • Imany features such as rod holder, front pliers pocket, D-ring secure nets
  • Very comfortable
  • Can be used for fishing or hunting


  • Its sizes are a bit small

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying the best fly fishing vests, it is vital to take an in-depth look at the above-mentioned factors. You want to look for an item that fits all your needs, one that is durable, and also one that is fairly priced. After great consideration, Outdoor Fly Fishing Vest with 16 Pockets is my number one pick. This is my favorite because it contains great factors that are beneficial to all users. It has an attractive design and it dry’s fast, thanks to its fabric. This item is also affordable and will last for a very long time. Next time you are in search for a new fishing vest, refer to our key pointers is you are bound to purchase an item that is just what you need.


Fly Fish Trapper is solely devoted to providing the anglers with the guidelines helpful for buying the best of the fly-fishing gear available on line. I hope you enjoy our broad range of best quality of the fly fishing gear reviews.

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