Best Fly Fishing Holes in the US

There was a time in the not too distant past when fly-fishing meant trout almost exclusively. Interestingly enough, over the past few years, there has been a transformation as the sport of fly-fishing has expanded to include everything from Pacific salmon in Alaska to tarpon in the Florida Keys.lets have a look at Best Fly Fishing Holes.

Today, fly-fishing has approached a new level of popularity that is unprecedented in the history of the sport. Whether you are a newcomer to fly-fishing or an old hand, its growth can be at least partially attributed to the attraction that some of the most pristine regions of the country have on those who wish to enjoy them. In fact, not only do the lakes and streams beckon those who love fly-fishing, but the growth of facilities such as lodging near these areas have contributed to the growth of the sport.Checkout our article About Fly Fishing.

Good fly-fishing is possible in many areas throughout the country, but what follows is a list of some of the most beautiful and rewarding fly-fishing spots in the country. In constructing this list, numerous factors have been taken into consideration. These include the beauty of the area, the availability of amenities and, oh yes, the fly-fishing.Read This Dedicated Article on Places to Fly Fishing.

Here is the List of Best Fly Fishing Holes

#1 San Juan River, New Mexico

The San Juan River in New Mexico is widely considered the premier big-trout spot in North America. This spot has everything from average-sized to huge brown, rainbow, and cutthroat hybrid trout. This is also home to one of this country's most productive tailwater fisheries.

San Juan River, New Mexico

Despite the fact that the river has been enjoying increased popularity, big fish continue to be very common, with eight- to ten-pounders very possible. The best time to fish this area is in the off-season, immediately after Labor Day or in the early spring to dodge the crowds.

#2 Bighorn River, Montana

San Juan River, New Mexico

If you fly-fish for large trout, another good area is the Bighorn River, which attributes its productive waters to insect hatchings all year round. In the fall and winter months, streamer flies that suggest minnows are the most effective at attracting migrating brown trout. An average catch runs to 17 inches, and as much as 22 inches. Crowds significantly lessen in fall.

#3 Alagnak River, Bristol Bay, Southwestern Alaska

The Alagnak River is the premier location if your idea of fly-fishing is larger-than-average rainbow trout as well as all five varieties of Pacific salmon. Rainbow trout run two to 10 pounds; coho salmon runs to 20 lbs, and king salmon to 70+ pounds. A seasonal fishery produces copious amounts of fish that otherwise would not be possible.

Alagnak River, Bristol Bay, Southwestern Alaska

Alaska sports some of the finest fishing guides available anywhere who are always willing to teach Alaskan fishing methods. Boats are plentiful and well maintained. And even if you decide you want to go someplace else, that's available as well. Crowds include bald eagles, moose, beavers, and bears.

#4 Beaverhead, Big Hole, Red Rock, Jefferson, Ruby Rivers, Montana

Beaverhead, Big Hole, Red Rock, Jefferson, Ruby Rivers, Montana

Beginning fly fisherman will find multiple areas where the chance to try out the sport is available. Wade or Float fishing is available for rainbow, brown, brook, and cutthroat trout is good on any of these streams. No matter your level of experience, you will find yourself satisfied here.

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#5 Colorado River Headwaters, Blue River, Colorado

 Colorado River Headwaters, Blue River, Colorado

More than 10 miles of private water--spring-fed ponds, rivers, and alpine lakes are plentiful here. You will find anything from two- to 10-pounders here.

#6 "Blue Ribbon" Trout Streams, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

"Blue Ribbon" Trout Streams, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

Henry's Fork and South Fork of the Madison, Snake, Teton, Warm, and Falls rivers and much more have lots of guided fly-fishing available. Be sure you check out the many rivers of Yellowstone Park.

#7 Oregon, Washington

Oregon, Washington

Both of these states have many waters with wild salmon and steelhead. They also feature sea-run cutthroats. With the Clackamas, Klamath, Deschutes, and Umpqua rivers, Oregon gets most of the favorable nods.

#8 Southwestern Alaska

Southwestern Alaska

A few fishing camps in Alaska and Canada have "fly-Out" fishing services available. In most cases, floatplanes take fisherman to prime spots in the morning. Around dinnertime, they are returned to the main encampment.

#9 Upper Florida Keys

Florida is the prime salt-water fly-fishing location, hands-down. Bonefish and tarpon are still plentiful. Tarpon is also plentiful in the Everglades, where you will also find redfish, snook, and even largemouth bass. Head up around the Panhandle and you will find reds and tarpon. Don't feel like heading out to hitherlands to get your fly-fishing fix?

Upper Florida Keys

Florida is complete with lots of prime fly-fishing spots inland too, with lakes, ponds, ditches, and canal full of largemouth bass and other inshore species such as bonefish and tarpon. The region also has deepwater challenges such as sailfish, dorado, and marlin.

#10 Private Fly-Fishing - Potter County, Pennsylvania

If you are looking for an area where the trophy-size fish are the rule rather than the exception, the Hammersley Wild Area is for you. Rainbow trout abounds in this area, where there is 6 1/2 miles of pristine private streams that are divided into 3/4-mile segments. Privacy is the watchword here, and you will have plenty of that. It's rare when you can find more than two anglers in a single area. Wading anglers are especially challenged on the headwater streams that are often 10 to 35 feet wide.

Private Fly-Fishing - Potter County, Pennsylvania

There was a time when the Letort Spring Run would have made this list, but encroaching urbanization in the area has just about destroyed anything that was. State College area does feature a few small creeks that seem to have brown trout in abundance, but there are other areas in the state where there are steelhead and salmon.​

#11 New York

Mention New York and the hearts of most city dwellers skip a beat, but there are still areas of the state, specifically Montauk, Long Island Sound, where the best-striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore are plentiful.

New York

The Catskills with branches of the Delaware are located, offer some of the best trout fishing anywhere. And this doesn't even mention the Adirondacks, which should be referred to in any fly-fishing list of hotspots. A lot of the species in this area aren't native to it, but for simple variety, New York could be called one of the best fly-fishing spots in the country.

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