Best Beginner Fly Fishing Rods: Quality Fly Rods For Anglers

Summer is fast approaching, and you are thinking of surprising ways to spend your time. Does the top of your list among these include fly fishing and you have no idea about this amazing sport? To get you started, you should know that unlike regular fishing, fly fishing requires specific equipment and lots of practice to perfect the art. This article guides you choosing the best beginner fly fishing rods.

Success in the sport is highly dependent on the kind of fly rod that a fly fisher opts for. Once you settle your mind on fly fishing as one of the must-do activities and set out to buy a fly rod, you should drift away from the popular belief that a high price means quality. Instead, look for a rod that mixes small investment with quality.

For a beginner, the first purchase can be confusing due to the many fly rods available and the presence of many marketers, all looking to sell their product. To get the right product for you, you need to consider the following factors.

1. Finding the Right Rod, Line and Reel Combination

To find the right rod, you need to establish how manufacturers name them depending on their various properties. Manufacturers use a numbering system to help in pairing reels, rods, and lines.Read This Dedicated Article on Reels.

The most popular sizes are four, five and six weight rods. A smaller number denotes a lighter equipment and vice versa. With this information in mind, you will find the rest of the buying process simple.Checkout our article on Fishing Rods.

2. Where and how you Plan to Fish

The type of water body where you plan to go and fish is a major factor since it determines the kind of fly rod that you need to buy. If you intend to go to a river, it is important that you establish its size. In connection to the location, you need to ask yourself if you foresee casting nymph rigs and streamers or primarily dry flies.Here's an article about Fishing Lures.

A 4-weight fly combo is a great rod for small rivers and streams. This can throw light nymph rigs and streamers whereas the six-weight is adapted to handle heavier nymph rigs and streamers. The five-weight, which is between the two, can handle both setups well.

3. Your Casting Style

It’s hard to buy a rod suited for you if you do not know your casting style. It is a common occurrence to find that beginners are not aware of their casting style. Therefore, you need not worry if you too have no idea about the same. All you need to do is cast some demo rods and establish which ones you do not like and which ones you do.

There are areas out there that offer casting clinics. With these clinics, you will not only learn what type of caster you are but also get some tips on how to fish. Understanding what kind of caster you are will help you with the next factor.

4. Stiffness and Speed

The stiffness and speed of the rod you chose should be dependent on where you are going to do your fishing and the type of caster you are. Regarding stiffness and speed, manufacturers manufacture either a full flex rod, tip flex rod or a mid-flex rod.Here's a dedicated article about Leader And Tippet.

The full flex rod is best suited for a slow caster who loves dry fly fishing and fishing in small streams whereas the tip flex rod is for a fast caster who wants to throw bigger flies. The mid-flex rod, just as the name suggests, is best suited for moderate conditions. It is best that you chose a fly rod that matches the type of caster that you are.Checkout our article on Crankbai Rods.

5. Price Range

With the purchase of any product, it is always good to consider the price. A great buyer always goes for products that are within his or her budget. Fly rods have different rates with some going for approximately 800 dollars while others go for 350 dollars and below.

The difference in prices is as a result of the variance of the brand, quality of components, weight, patents, and technology. For a beginner, the best rod for you is one that meets your budget after considering all the above factors.Here's an article about Best Rod.

Do not break the bank for your first purchase but rather go looking for better quality fly rods as you mature in the field. With the above said, below are some great options you can go for as a beginner.

What all boils down to though is how good are you with the gear you have.

Here is the Budget Conscious Best Beginner Fly Fishing Rods 

ProductDescriptionFeaturesOur Rating
Gloomis PRO4X LP 12432-01 Fly RodIdeal for delicate presentations
Soft action with a medium taper
Orvis Encounter 6-weight 9' Fly Rod Outfitquality of this rod is essential for learning success4.4
Sage Approach 590-4 Fly Rod Outfit w/Sage 2250 Reel (9'0", 5wt, 4pc)Smooth, medium-fast action Sage Approach Fly Rod
Sage Rod & Reel Case
Redington Crosswater Outfit Reel, Line Weight-5, 9-Feet, 4-Piece, BlueDurable anodized aluminum reel seat, ideal for all fresh and saltwater applications4.3

#1 G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Fishing Rods


The G Loomis NRX Lite fly rod is best for long delicate casts. Its lightweight nature allows the user super control and accuracy. The fly rod is ideal for fishing medium and small dry flies.

#2 Orvis Encounter Complete 4-Piece Outfit


The Orvis is perfect for novices who wish to fish in small rivers. It enables beginners to pin down their casting method thanks to its comfortable and smooth action cork handle. The Orvis Encounter comes set up with a composite reel that has a stainless steel disc drag.​

#3 Sage Approach 590-4 Fly Rod Outfit w/Sage 2250 Reel



The Sage brand boasts of having stronger graphite material as compared to other entry level rods. With each purchase of the Sage 590-4, it comes with RIO Gold fly line, ballistic rod case with reel pouch and 2200 reel. It offers excellent control, and it’s a fly rod that beginners can grow with in the sport.

#4 Redington Crosswater Combo


The Redington offers smooth casting that is suitable for beginners. The combo set includes a pre-spooled reel with RIO Mainstream WF fly line, black cotton rod sock, zippered carrying case, Crosswater rod, and knotless leader.

Final Thoughts

Although the above examples would suit a beginner well, the best rod for a beginner will be the one that suits your cast and is best suited for the kind of fishing that you plan to do. The pointers listed above will help you get the exact rod that you need. A great fly rod will help you enjoy fishing and get you to fall in love with it. Safe approach is the best in the market and transforms your fly fishing experience, whether on your own or with friends.


Fly Fish Trapper is solely devoted to providing the anglers with the guidelines helpful for buying the best of the fly-fishing gear available on line. I hope you enjoy our broad range of best quality of the fly fishing gear reviews.

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